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Privacy Policy
Your privacy is an important foundation of our relationship with you. We will apply the following principles:

Cookies and tracking
This site does not use cookies.

It does use server logs and a third party service (Statcounter) to collect anonymous site usage data. The data gathered is used by this site's administrators to monitor the operation of the site and identify areas to improve the users' experience. It is not technically possible for these processes to collect personally identifiable details about visitors (e.g. name, email address) and no attempt is made to do so.

Statcounter has its own privacy policy, please visit for details.

Part of the standard Statcounter service uses cookies to separately monitor repeat visitors from new visitors, but this option has been disabled for

Finally, the site uses a session identifier to maintain your shopping cart details on the server, rather than in a cookie. The session identifier is held on the server and is invalidated when the visitor's web browser session is closed. This identifier is not associated with any personal details until an order is placed, at which point the basket contents are matched up with the order details. This is not a cookie but the information is included here for transparency.

If you wish to remove any cookies set on your computer, please check your browser's instructions and/or help.

If you have any concerns about privacy, either before or after making a purchase, please email

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