Durham Photo Project

As I pointed out in my “About this blog” page, I think there are always things to learn about photography.  For me, a big part of that learning involves reviewing what I’ve already done, whether that’s the success (or otherwise) of an individual photo or the content of a series of pictures.

So hands up who’s spotted the obvious omission from my portfolio…

As a photographer based in Durham I feel I should really have a strong collection of Durham images in my portfolio.  Which I don’t.

I’m not going to make excuses… OK, so just a couple.  I think one of the reasons I haven’t thought about this before is that I don’t spend all that much time in the city itself.  I live on the outskirts, my daily commute is in the opposite direction and I don’t tend to visit the centre for shopping or socialising all that often.  I think the other reason I have shied away from it is that so many people have shot pictures of Durham that it’s bound to be difficult to come up with some original interpretations, right?  For example, the Cathedral is an iconic part of Durham’s identity and heritage and must have been photographed countless times and from virtually every angle.  But just because something is difficult or not part of my normal routine doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t tackle it.

This year I am going to start putting this section together.  I’ve already started to identify locations, angles and shots and will start as soon as my other commitments allow.  Keep an eye open for a new category appearing in the galleries and of course it will be announced here on the blog.

What about you?  Have you covered all of the angles?  What do you think is missing from your collection?