Latest developments

I’ve had such a lot going on recently that my shooting and processing has had to take more of  a back seat for a little while.  Here are some of the recent developments that have been going on in the background.

  • One evening last week I squeezed in a bike ride down on the Durham riverbanks.  I spotted a couple of promising subjects I’m going to go back and explore for my Durham project.  All I need is a free evening combined with the right light… not too much to ask?!  With the weather we’ve been having recently it might take a while to hit the right conditions.  I’ve also got another couple of views pegged, one for early morning and one for late evening, so I’m filling up my plans nicely.
  • Like a lot of photographers, I have a day-job.  Call it a necessary evil, if you like 🙂  Recently, I’ve discovered that several of the people who work for the business are also photographers.  One of our number has set up a photo group with the aims of pushing each other on, sharing experience, passing critique on each others’ work and so on.  In the spirit of learning from and sharing with other people, I’ve joined the group – we’ll see what we can make of it.  Depending on the output, you may see some of the results here.
  • Following on from the Tyne Head coverage, I’ve also agreed to try out some of my camera’s video capabilities by shooting some footage of a sculler in training, to see if they can use it to fine-tune their technique.  I may not be able to put the final results up here (either on the grounds of privacy or quality!) but I’m sure I’ll have something to share on the experience.  We haven’t set a date for this yet, so watch this space.

More as it comes…