I haven’t been posting recently because of other commitments on my time, but here’s an update on some of my recent work.

I have some new posts underway which will be coming soon:

  • Ben A’an – a fellwalk and a photoshoot blog post from an evening shoot I did in the Trossachs, Scotland last month.
  • Penshaw Monument – a blog post from our first “Camera Club” group outing.

I’ve been excused from the rowing video assignment for the moment because my subject managed to sort his technique problems another way.  It would have been great fun to try something new but it does free me up to concentrate on some other aspects of my photography.  I’m also still working on catching the right time for my next Durham shots, which are dependent on the weather and my availability around sunrise and sunset.

One extra item has been preparing some of my recent photos for the annual Village show which has a photography competition.   I’m putting in shots under three of the four categories and as I needed to turn them around quickly, I decided to print them myself.  This involved my normal tussle with my printer and colour management.  At some point I’ll write up what I’m doing, just in case it gives an “Eureka!” moment for anyone else who is struggling with this common problem.

More to come…