Adding Film Grain in Photoshop

I’ve been working on a photo I took recently and came across a tutorial which I found useful in adding a film-type grain to a black & white image.  I can’t vouch for the site or its authors, but if you want some help with this technique this could be a good place to start – PhotoshopTutorials.

I applied this in Photoshop Elements using Elements+ from  For $12 (at the time of writing), this add-in for Elements gives rudimentary access to curves, 6-channel black & white conversion and Smart filters, amongst other tools.   I decided to get this after trying the demo and while it doesn’t unlock a full version of PS5, you would hardly expect it to for the money!  I haven’t tested it fully, and anyone reading this should use it at their own risk, but it seems to offer some additional functions that I might have been missing.  If you’re looking to add some power to Elements but can’t (or won’t) cough up for a full version of Photoshop, this might be worth a look.