Mid-Year Review

Back in January, rather than set myself resolutions I decided on some photography goals to aim for this year.  As we’ve just passed the mid-year point I though it was a good time to reflect on what I hoped to achieve and what more I need to do.  More after the jump…

Visit the Lake District more

I’ve managed one trip so far.  It isn’t perhaps as much as I would like but at least that’s better than last year!  I’m hoping I can fit in another big walk in September or October which will involve my bag “system” and I may even break out the tent!  I also have some shots from my last trip which I’m still working on which will appear in due course.  I think I’ll count this as a goal achieved if the second trip comes off.

Durham Project

I’ve published posts on the Chinese New Year celebrations and macro shots from Houghall Woods so I have made a start.  Some areas of the city have been out of commission (at least photographically) recently due to building or development works, but Durham is a beautiful city with plenty of hidden corners and gems to tackle and I’ll keep developing this project.


This is my main gap to fill.  One of the areas I find most difficult is identifying a suitable and willing model.  I’ve been reading Strobist for some time and the recent “Boot Camp” challenge was to photograph a significant person in the community or has a story to tell.  That inspiration has started to stir some of the remaining brain cells into life… I’ll see where it leads.  And I have a backup plan too.


I’m going to Scotland again this year, more specifically the Trossachs, so I’m developing my plans for what I’m going to shoot while I’m there.

I’ve still got plenty to work on and having a review is always good for assessing progress and refocussing your attention, whatever your goals.