Winter activities

I said I was going to do less blogging and more shooting. I’ve reduced work on the blog but since I finished off my last batch of posts, the weather hasn’t helped me out too much. Still, I haven’t been idle.

I’ve been out doing some scouting for my Durham project. Decent conditions haven’t lined up well with my availability, but I now have some more ideas to develop when the weather plays along. Here’s a taster from one of my recent trips:

Prebends Bridge and Weir
Prebends Bridge and Weir

With the long winter evenings, I’ve also been updating part of the website. Nothing too radical, but I’ve tweaked the photo gallery section on my fellwalking pages (with thanks to Stu at CSS Play) and I think its a significant improvement.

Finally, I’ve been cleaning up the file system on my PC by eliminating duplicate files (not just photos, but that’s where most of the volume is). Most have come about by working on files on two PCs and forgetting to dump the copy, so when I moved to my new PC I ended up with two. I ended up writing some macros in OpenOffice to identify possible duplicates. It takes a while to go through them, but so far I’ve clawed back over 30GB of disk space, so it’s been well worth it.

More as it happens…