Olympic Torch Relay

I was really pleased to get to see the Olympic Torch Relay as it passed through Durham City this weekend.  We went to Sherburn and saw Kira Roberts (pictured) take the flame from Kieren Mennell.

London 2012 Olympics torch relay fencer fencing student event pride Durham University
Olympic Torchbearer – Kira Roberts in Sherburn, Durham

This was taken at 200mm, f8, ISO800 on a Canon 70-200mm f4 L IS lens.

There was some added interest for me because Kira is a fencer (according to her biography on the Olympics website) and I used to fence for my university squad.  Any other comparison ends there because I was nowhere near her level of skill and achievement!

We followed the torch up past the next “Kiss” (handover) and into the fringes of Sherburn Hill before we fell too far behind to see any more.

The relay has been, to outward appearance at least, extremely well organised and it was great to see the organisers, police and crowds supporting the relay and making it a major event.  It was also great fun to come home afterwards and see ourselves on the BBC webcast.

It’s been over sixty years since we last held the Olympic Games in Britain and I’m grateful that the organisers have involved as much of the country as possible in this build-up.  We have certainly enjoyed it!