About this blog

I love photography. 

It really suits my character.  I’m always hungry to learn and it doesn’t matter how far you advance in photography, how good you get, it’s always possible to learn something new.  Even revisiting a location that you’ve been to before, you can find a new inspiration or a new interpretation, and the lighting is always different.

And then there’s the kit.  Anyone who loves gadgets as much as I do can go a whole lifetime following the progress in cameras and software and hankering after that next ideal lens.  If you run out of interest on the camera itself, you can always get into lighting, bags, tripods…

So, what can you expect from this blog?  It’s an occasional series of postings on:

  • my current photo projects and shoots
  • photography equipment and techniques
  • post processing equipment and techniques
  • other photography-related thoughts and insights

I want to share my experiences and thoughts in an attempt to inform and entertain.  At the very least, I hope I can give some comfort to those who go through the same challenges that I do that they aren’t alone.